What Innovation Managers Tell Us About the Future of Business

HEC Business School and Act One resume their partnership to conduct a second edition of their Innovation Managers survey.

Every respondent will receive – by June 10th – a detailed report of all key findings including:
– Key success factors : innovation’s place in the organization, field of intervention, etc.
– Best practices: idea rewards systems, providers and clients roles, etc.
– Future stakes: integration with HR and evaluation process, risk management, etc.

For a better understanding of this study’s focus and deliverables, here is the Infographic of the 2010 survey results on Innovation Managers:

What Innovation Managers tell us about the future of business

The following online questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to answer, and can be paused and resumed at your convenience. Please complete it before may 21st so that we have sufficient time to process the results:

Additional information:
– This study is an academic project lead in coordination with HEC, a leading european Business School.
– It is free to participate and the results do not generate any profit, whatsoever.
– Your answers are strictly confidential and only the respondents will have access to the full detailed results.

Don’t hesitate to comment this post or contact me for any additional question on this survey, its history, methodology or any other aspect that you would like to discuss.

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Thank you in advance for your interest and participation, please feel free to share the link to this survey with other innovation managers that you think could be interesting and interested.

Kind regards,

Brice Challamel
HEC Professor on Innovation Management
Act One CEO

& Albert blackwell

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